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My Person

M.Eng. Dipl-Ing. Bernhard Aigster

Whether a building is well planned, often arises out only at the construction stage or during subsequent use. My ultimate goal is building a functional, visually appealing, timely and constructive manner to properly plan and supervise. To achieve this, I fall back on the experience I have gained since 2000 in bridge construction, building construction, civil engineering and civil engineering.

My knowledge is based on a graduate degree in civil engineering and a master´s degree in structural engineering. The focus of the new postgraduate course, which I completed in Konstanz, lay in nonlinear statics, building design, construction maintenance and structural dynamics and conservation.

Based on my qualifications and experience, I am registered as a consulting engineer in the list of the Bavarian Chamber of Engineers for building documents for BayBO Article 61 paragraph 2.2 and proof of stability for permission BayBO Article 62, paragraph 1.

In the areas of design and functionality I work very closely with the developers to consider all requests.

My big advantage I see the union of architecture and structural analysis. This can just short-term changes in the design be implemented without further consultation.

Authorized to sign at the start of construction ads for building instruction, stability and fire protection.